Hello CEE Grad Students!

Are you currently on campus? Or are you out of the state for an internship? What are you currently up to? What do you do outside of academics?

We are interested in YOUR stories about your time at Georgia Tech in the CEE department. We are compiling a short interview video series for incoming students and current students on graduate survival tips, resources, and balancing school and social events. We want to know your experiences if you identify in any marginalized communities, international communities, First-generation Low-income communities, etc. and how that identity has affected your experience, and how you were able to find a sense of community and support.

We hope for you all to #CEEyourself by being yourself! All and everyone are welcome to share.

A list of questions will be given to you if you choose to participate for you to prepare. If there is something that you want to specifically touch on, you can propose your topics!

We hope that you take interest in sharing your stories with other students to build community and give guidance. We are giving you the mic!

Please email aadem7@gatech.edu for more information or if you are interested in taking part in being interviewed.