BSMS Program

The joint BS/MS program is designed to attract the best-of-the-best undergraduate students and is especially intended for students who demonstrate an interest in, and ability for, additional education beyond the bachelor’s degree. This program is available only to those completing a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering.

Students that are eligible to be admitted to the BSMS program will have:

  • 3.5 GPA for acceptance, 3.0 GPA to remain in program
  • 30 credits completed at Georgia Tech (as opposed to transfer credits)
  • 18 credits remaining (flexible) to give you time to make connections, take grad level classes, etc.
  • 2 letters of recommendation, one from tenure track faculty in CEE

Once admitted, a GPA of at least 3.0 must be maintained to remain in the program.

BSMS Perks:

  • Automatic admission for those who meet qualifications
  • No GRE requirement
  • Only 2 letters of recommendation
  • Double Count 6xxx-8xxx level credits (where applicable)  [YOU CANNOT DOUBLE COUNT 4XXX LEVEL CLASSES]
  • “Bring over” up to 12 credits from Bachelor’s degree
  • No application fee

During your senior year, if you have earned at least a 2.7, you are eligible to take graduate level courses. BSMS students have the option of double counting six credit hours towards both their BS and MS programs, if applicable. The courses must be at the 6000-9000 level. It may also be possible to use 4000 level courses if they are unused and are applicable towards your specialization. 

Bear in mind that not all courses will count towards your MS degree. To determine which courses will count towards your MSCE or MSENVE degree, or view the advising pages on this site!

IMPORTANT NOTES:  This is a continuous program. You must begin the MS portion of your program in the semester immediately following your final BS term (with the exception of summer).  For example, if you graduate in Fall, you must begin in Spring. But if you graduate in Spring, you should skip Summer and begin in Fall.

We look forward to seeing your application!