BSMS Program

What is the BSMS Program?

It is a continuous program that acts as a bridge between BS and MS, to recruit and reward the best and brightest CEE undergraduate students.

What it really is:

A Master’s degree program that allows qualified students to utilize courses taken during their Bachelor’s, shortening the time it takes to obtain the MS.


  • 3.5 GPA for acceptance, 3.0 GPA to remain in program
  • 30 credits completed at Georgia Tech (as opposed to transfer credits)
  • 18 credits remaining (flexible) to give you time to make connections, take grad level classes, etc.
  • 2 letters of recommendation, one from GT Faculty

BSMS Perks

  • Automatic admission for those who meet qualifications
  • No GRE requirement
  • No application fee
  • Only 2 letters of recommendation
  • Double Count 6xxx-8xxx level credits (where applicable)
  • “Bring over” up to 12 credits from Bachelor’s degree 

When to Apply

Graduate Application

When you know when you will graduate with your BS, fill out the grad application.  Apply for the admission term immediately following your BS graduation term. If you graduate in Spring 2024, apply for Fall 2024. If you graduate in Fall 2024, apply for Spring 2025.

Apply by the deadline: Spring- August 1st , Fall- December 1st

Go to and select “Apply”.  Be sure to select BSMS as your program.  This tells the system to change the number of required recommendation letters and bypasses the payment screen.

Inside the application:

For faster processing, please upload an unofficial transcripts. Grad Education will upload your final official transcript after admission.

You will need to select a specialization. This will determine which credits taken in undergrad can apply towards your MS degree.

Your Statement of Purpose should discuss the work you would like to during your program or after your Master’s degree.

Using Credits form Undergrad

Once enrolled in the MS program, you can:

  • double count 6 credits of 6xxx-8xxx level classes, if applicable.
  • bring over unused 4xxx level classes, if applicable.
  • count a total of 9 credits of 4xxx level classes towards the MS maximum.
  • utilize a total of 12 credits (grad or undergrad or a combination of both) including double counting and “bringing over” from Fallthrough.

Preparing for the BSMS Program

Choose a specialization:  CISE, ENVE, GEO, SEMM, TSE, Water

If you have earned at least a 2.70 GPA, during your senior year, you are eligible to take grad level courses.

Refer to to see which 4xxx and 6xx-8xxx courses count towards your specialization.

All specializations have different requirements. Before registering for grad level courses, make sure they will count towards your MS degree.

To register for a permit to take grad classes as a senior, email: Include your GTID and the CRN.

Important Notes

Even though your graduate application was processed by the Office of Graduate Education, you are not a grad student until Phase II of registration for your start term. Please do not register for classes until Phase II.

This program is designed to be continuous. You must begin the MS portion of your program in the semester following your last BS semester.

Familiarize yourself with the GSSO site: and the Grad Handbook.

Attend CEE Orientation! There will be lots of new information for you.

View BSMS Info Session slide deck below: