Financial Support

Whether you are a current student or an applicant, financial support is always one of the most important questions on your mind. This page will contain resources and advice to help you pay for graduate school.

Graduate Research Assistantship

If you indicate on your application that you are interested in an assistantship, the faculty will review your suitability for the work.

AFTER you complete your application, feel free to reach out to faculty doing work that interests you. You can find out more about their work by viewing their pages that can be accessed through the CEE Website. Bear in mind that funding is mostly awarded to PhD students. While MS students are here for 3 semesters, most PhD students are here for at least 4 years.


  • An Emeritus professor is one who is retired. They will not take on new students.
  • Adjunct professors have usually moved on to new positions at different universities. They will not take on new students.
  • Professors of the Practice do not engage in research and will not take on students.

Before you reach out to faculty, be sure to read at least one of their papers so you can start a conversation with the. Faculty are asked for funding every day. Do not start your conversation by asking for support. They know why you’re reaching out to them. If you are self-funded, be sure to mention it.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship

GTA positions in CEE are much more rare. It helps if you have teaching experience and have taken the course in the past. The best way to learn about TA positions available is to:

  • Reach out to your faculty advisor or the group leader for your specialization. Ask if they know of anyone looking for a TA.
  • Reach out to the TAs in your class for guidance.
  • Look for the biggest undergraduate courses. Those are usually the ones that need TAs. You can view classes in OSCAR.

On-Campus Jobs

You can look for on campus jobs through these resources:

International Students

A wealth of information can be found on the Office of International Education (OIE) Site: