Contest for Engineering and Environmental Students — Rewilding the Colorado River

Save the Colorado and others are sponsoring a contest for engineering and environmental sciences student to solicit innovative ideas for re-engineering Glen Canyon Dam and rewilding the Colorado River.  

The “Rewilding The Colorado River” contest seeks engineering and environmental alternatives that would allow for a run of the river flow regime through or around Glen Canyon Dam with consideration to such factors as cost effectiveness, public safety, sediment flow, hydropower production, fish migration, and more.

Open to engineering and environmental sciences students and firms across the United States, the contest includes a $4,000 prize to for the winning proposal (an amount which may grow larger).The contest closes on November 15, 2022, and the winning proposal will be announced in conjunction with the annual Colorado River Water Users Association conference in December 2022.

We need the best and brightest ideas from the next generation to address the challenges of rewilding the Colorado River and restoring Glen Canyon, and we hope you and your students will take part.

For further contest details, including relevant technical and historical information, visit or feel free to contact me or or Gary Wockner (

The Rewilding Contest is sponsored by:

  • Tick Segerblom, Clark County Commissioner, Nevada
  • Daniel P. Beard, former Commissioner U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
  • John Fielder, Nature Photographer
  • Save the Colorado
  • Glen Canyon Institute
  • Great Basin Water Network
  • Living Rivers
  • Doug Gillingham, Gillingham Water
  • (If you’d like to donate $$$ to the prize, contact Gary Wockner: