Master of Science in Civil Engineering
Geosystems Engineering

Georgia Tech and CEE policy can be complicated but you should always refer to the CEE Handbook and the Georgia Tech Catalog.

  • All our Master’s degree programs are 30 credits of  approved courses. Please view the page that applies to your specialization below.
  • 21 of those credits must be at the 6000 level or above.
  • 9 credits can be undergrad courses, but must be 4000 level only. They must be approved courses.
  • A maximum of 3 credits of Pass/Fail courses can count towards your Master’s degree (with the exception of thesis credits).

Core Geosystems Courses
MS students must take at least 4 of the following:
CEE 6421 Laboratory Characterization of Geomaterials (JDF/SEB)
CEE 6402 Soil Mechanics (SD)
CEE 6460 Theoretical Geomechanics (PZ)
CEE 6423 In‐Situ Testing and Site Characterization (SD/JM)
CEE 6451 Rock Mechanics
CEE 6447 Ground Modification (SEB)
CEE 8956 Independent Research Study (all geo faculty)
CEE         Multiphysics Characterization of Geo-Materials/Geo-Fluids

Applied Geosystems Courses 
MS students must take at least 2 of the following:
CEE 6442 Dynamic Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering (SD)
CEE 6443 Foundation Systems (JDF)
CEE 6482 Applied Fracture Mechanics (CA)
CEE 6445 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (JM)
CEE 6448 Landfill Design and Management (SEB)
CEE 6441 Analysis of Earth Structures (JDF)
Sustainable Subsurface Infrastructure (JDF)
Extrement Events and Data Analytics (JM)
Advanced Geosystems Courses
MS continuing to PhD (with faculty approval) must take a minimum of 1 of the courses below.
CEE 6431 Plasticity of Geomaterials
CEE 6513 Computational Methods in Mechanics
CEE 8813 Energy Geotechnology (JCS)
CEE 8813 Critical State Soil Mechanics
Numerical Modeling for Geomechanics (HH)
Unsat Soil Mechanics (PZ)
Fractured Rock Masses (JCS)
Other Geosystems Courses to be used towards credits in GEO Specialization                           
CEE 8813 Infrastructure Failure Analysis
CEE 6461 Mathematical Applications in Civil and Environmental
CEE 6751 Physical Properties and Rheology of Rocks
Applied Signal Processing and Inverse Problem Solving (JCS)
Experimental Methods (JCS)
Bio-inspired Engineering (SD)

Electives -12 credits of approved electives required.
Must be pre-approved by GEO faculty advisor or Group Coordinator, Dr. Sheng Dai.

Thesis- 6 credits required for thesis track.
CEE 7000 Master’s Thesis