2022 Fall Virtual Open House Event Flyer & Email Template

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Fall 2022 Virtual Open House

At Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, we believe the only way to advance is to question and explore. This philosophy is true for the projects we deliver and the careers we develop. Young professionals, recent graduates, and current students can see this spirit in action at our Virtual Open House, where attendees can meet our people, ask about career opportunities, and learn why SGH is such a special place.

Wednesday, 9 November 2022

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., EST

RSVP on our career fair platform.

Learn more at www.sgh.com/careers.


Contact Dave Williams, Talent Acquisition Manager, at dwilliams@sgh.com.

ComSiCon-Atlanta 2023 | Application open October 17-November 21

ComSciCon 2023 application flier

Are you a graduate student in STEM interested in science communication? Come join us at ComSciCon-Atlanta 2023!

ComSciCon is a series of workshops focused on the communication of complex and technical concepts organized by graduate students, for graduate students. Through our skills workshops and panel discussions, students can refine their science communication skills and receive formal science communication training alongside their peers. This year’s ComSciCon-Atlanta will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on February 24-25, 2023, and is totally free-of-cost to attend! The application is now open until November 21, 2022.

See the attached flier or visit https://comscicon.com/comscicon-atlanta-2023 for more information!

The National AI Institute for Adult Learning and Online Education (AI-ALOE) was launched on November 1, 2021, as one of the first 18 AI research institutes funded and supported by the National Science Foundation. The Institute aims to lead the development of novel AI theories and techniques for enhancing and transforming online learning for adult learners in effectiveness, efficiency, access, scale, and personalization. It has been an extraordinary year for the institute as it has grown into an exceptional community of scholars, researchers, and partners working on a wide range of projects across the fields of AI and education.

Please join us to celebrate as we reflect on the past, present, and future impacts of using artificial intelligence in education. We welcome you to join the discussion, whether you are a researcher, educator, student, or just interested in learning more about AI-ALOE and AI in education.

Symposium Agenda

12:30 – 1:00 pm –  Welcome and AI-ALOE Overview

Ashok Goel
Professor & Executive Director of AI-ALOE
Georgia Tech

1:00 – 2:00 pm – Reimagining AI in Education: Perspectives from the NSF National AI Institute for Student AI Teaming

Sidney D’Mello
Professor, Institute of Cognitive Science and the Department of Computer Science
University of Colorado – Boulder

2:00 – 3:00 pm – Going Global

George Siemen
Professor & Executive Director of the Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge Research Lab, University of Texas – Arlington

3:00 – 4:00 pm – Learning Environments with Conversational Agents

Art Graesser
Professor, Department of Psychology and the Institute of Intelligent Systems
University of Memphis

4:00 – 4:15 pm – Closing Remarks

Chris Dede
Senior Research Fellow, Harvard University
Associate Director for Research of AI-ALOE

Fehr & Peers Career Insights Office Hours

Career Insights Office Hours is an unfiltered hour for students to connect with transportation professionals at Fehr & Peers to ask questions about transportation, whether about project work or career paths. There will be 3 topic groups that students can jump between: Transportation Engineering, Planning & Visual Communications, and Career Exploration. All students, no matter their experience or knowledge of transportation, are encouraged to join us. Students can ask about:

  • Career related questions (what the career path is like, how to get a job)
  • Class projects or research ideas
  • Professional growth advice
  • Different types of transportation projects

Transportation Engineering

Engineering is the part of a project where it comes to life. Engineers put detailed designs together that make the project’s conceptual designs possible. They work closely with planners, or do planning work themselves, to understand the needs of the community, the client, and the project. There are a variety of specialties that an engineer can pursue, including a generalist career path where they work on a wide range of projects.

Planning & Visual Communications

Planning takes many shapes and forms and covers a wide range of projects and career paths. But every project requires thoughtfully communicating information in a way that stakeholders can understand. Planners who specialize in visual communications process data, distill key findings, craft strategic messaging, and develop visual tools to resonate with intended audiences. Humanizing transportation in this manner takes projects from complicated to understandable and accessible for everyone.

Career Exploration

Career paths in the transportation field can go in many different directions and offer a variety of specialty areas. Many people find overlaps in their other interests, like climate change, equity, and public health. And there are many ways to get into the transportation field. If you’ve never heard about career options in transportation and you’re curious to learn more or you know exactly what you want to pursue, this discussion is for you!


Bring all your questions and join us!

You can visit us HERE to learn more about Career Insights, watch recordings of previous webinars, sign up to hear about future events, and learn about career opportunities at Fehr & Peers.