Master of Science in Computational Science and Engineering

For CSE-CEE students, there are different requirements and procedures to follow.  It is a good idea to familarize yourself the CSE student resources page.  By the end of your first semester in CSE , you are expected to fill out the Program of Study.

For Phase I of registration, all CSE courses are permit-retricted. In order to register for CSE courses, you must fill out the CSE  Graduate Course Selections Survey. Before Phase I of registration for Fall and Spring, the CSE Program Coordinator will send out an email to all enrolled CSE students. MS students can request up to four courses. The survey closes before registration opens. Don’t delay! 

Required Courses (12 credits.  4 out of the 5 core classes below)

12 Credits CSE Core Classes

  • CSE 6140-Algorithms
  • CSE 6730/ECE 6730-Modeling and Simulation
  • CSE/ISYE 6740-Computational Data Analysis
  • CSE 6220-High Performance Computing
  • CSE/MATH 6643-Numerical Methods in CSE

12 Credits Home Unit Specialization (All CEE, all same specialization area)

6 Hours Thesis or approved electives

Are you a Transportation student in CSE?  Please see the TRANSPO page for your specialization requirements.

Are you a CISE student in CSE?  Please refer to this document:Master of Science Requirements for CSE-CEE_Aug_2022

Want to play around with course selection? Try this advising worksheet: MS Advising Worksheet CSE

Space is limited in the CSE degree program. Each Fall and Spring, after we review the slots remaining in the CSE-CEE program before we can assess how many students will be allowed to join the program.

In order to be considered for the CSE program, contact Danielle Ramirez to be added to the waiting list for the following semester.

CEE Faculty Advisor contacts: