Transportation Systems Engineering

Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Georgia Tech and CEE policy can be complicated but you should always refer to the CEE Handbook and the Georgia Tech Catalog.

  • All our Master’s degree programs are 30 credits of  approved courses. Please view the page that applies to your specialization below.
  • 21 of those credits must be at the 6000 level or above.
  • 9 credits can be undergrad courses, but must be 4000 level only. They must be approved courses.
  • A maximum of 3 credits of Pass/Fail courses can count towards your Master’s degree (with the exception of thesis credits).

*Non-Thesis Option:
18 credits in Specialization Courses
12 credits in Approved Electives

*Thesis Option:
12 credits in Specialization Courses
12 credits in Approved Electives
6 credits in Master’s Thesis (CEE 7000)

*CSE differs from this model. Please refer to the CSE Page.

Required Courses:

CEE 6601 Statistical Methods in Transportation
CEE 6701  Urban Transportation Planning (Lecture) CEE 6701 syllabus fall 2020 081420
CEE 6702 Urban Transporation Planning (Lab)
CEE 6603  Traffic Engineering (MS Thesis students choose either CEE 6603 or CEE 8813: Trans. Syst. Analysis)
CEE 8813  Transportation Systems Analysis (MS Thesis students choose either CEE 6603 or CEE 8813: Trans. Syst. Analysis)
CEE 8097  Introduction to Transportation Research CEE8097-Syllabus (August 15, 2020)

Additonal Specialization Courses
CEE 6605  Transp. Admin. & Policy Analysis (Long)
CEE 6621  GIS in Transportation (JT)
CEE 6623  Transportation Survey Methods (PM) CEE 6623 syllabus
CEE 6624  Land Use & Transportation (SCaRP)
CEE 6625  Transport, Energy & Air Quality (MR/RG)
CEE 6631  Signalized Intersections (MH)
CEE 6632  Simulation in Transport (JLaval)
CEE 6636  Traffic Flow Theory (JLaval) CEE6536 Syllabus
CEE 6642  Transit Sys Plan & Design (KW)
CEE 6650  Discrete Choice Modeling (LG/PM) CEE 6650 Discrete Choice Modeling
CEE 6651 Infrastructure Systems (AK) CEE 6651 Syllabus-Fall 2020 (August 20, 2020)
CEE 6652 Infrastructure Management: IT Applics (JT)

*Approved Electives-12 credits for each student

CEE 8900x (units vary) Graduate Indep. Study/Spec. Probs
CEE 8900x Pavement Technology (JT)
CEE 8813x Data Analytics for CEE Systems (Tien)
CEE 8813x Engineering Risk Analysis (Tien)
CEE 4610 Multimodal Transportation* (KW/MR)
CEE 4620 Environmental Impact Assessment* (RG)
CEE 4640 Freeway/Interchange Plan* (JLuh)
CEE 4650 Site Design in Transportation* (JLuh)
CEE 4660 Sustainable Transportation Abroad* (KW)
CEE 4803 Infrastructure System Management* (JT)
ECE 4811 VIP Smart City Infrastructure (JT)

Want to play around with course selection? Try this advising worksheet: MS Advising Worksheet TRANSPO

Transportation CSE program: 

For the Home Unit Specialization, take any two of the following:

CEE 6701/CEE 6702  Urban Transportation Planning (both Lecture and Lab)
CEE 6603  Traffic Engineering
CEE 8813  Transportation Systems Analysis