Important Resources

There are so many resources available to you on campus, we could not begin to cover all of them here. You will learn about others through the various orientations you will attend. Please follow the hyperlinks for more information.

Here we will cover the basics:

Civil and Environmental Engineering Facilities

Our main building is Mason is located on Atlantic Avenue. Here you will find classrooms, our student study lounge, meeting spaces, many faculty offices, student offices, labs and administrative offices like the Graduate Student Services office.  This is a perfect spot on campus, close to the Student Center, a quick walk to Tech Square, Home Park where many students live and several other departments on campus.  You can usually find one or two food trucks parked outside with lots of food options. We are at a center point between two MARTA stations: Midtown and North Avenue. Both are less than a mile away.

Also in Mason you will find Andy Udell and his facilities team who build experiments for research and student instruction; maintain lab and shop equipment as well as experiments; train undergraduate and graduate level students on experimental procedure, lab safety, shop safety, fabrication techniques, and welding; assist in the design of new experiments. To request services from Andy’s team, you should submit a request through the CEE Intranet.

On the First Friday of each month, the Graduate Student Advisory Council hosts an event for graduate students where you can unwind and socialize with fellow students, faculty and staff.  This gives graduate students a chance to break out of their research groups and meet students you may never meet otherwise.  Until it is safe to gather in large groups, these will either be suspended or held online.

Directly next to Mason, you will find the O. Lamar Allen Sustainable Education Building (usually called SEB). There you will find a large study space, classroom, our Transportation staff and our Information Systems Group. You can make I.T. request through the CEE Intranet.

Environmental Engineering’s main building is the Ford Environmental Science and Technology Building (called ES&T, also called The Ford Building, also called the Bio Quad).  Not only is ENVE housed here but Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Biomedical Engineering and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.  This group of four buildings holds offices, conference rooms, class room and event spaces that we frequently use.

BuzzCard Office

You will obtain your Buzzcard on the top floor of the Barnes and Noble in Tech Square. You can add funds to your Buzzcard to utilize services around campus. You can now initiate the BuzzCard process online!

A quick note about security: Your GTID (the nine digit number beginning with “90”) is your unique identification number that will stay with you throughout your time at Georgia Tech.  Treat it with care. Do not include it in the subject line of emails. When you do include it in the body of your email, use an X in the place of the first two digits. For instance: 123456789 should be written as xx3456789. When you provide your GTID to offices around campus, it would be best to just show your Buzzcard rather than speak the number aloud.

Student Center

If you follow the hyperlink you will see the student center is undergoing major reconstruction. It will be closed for some time. Here is where you can find all the services that are usually provided by the Student Center:

Part of the Student Center is the West Village Dining Hall. It’s a fairly recent addition to campus and features delicious food options, small meeting rooms and an environmentally friendly model.

Clough Undergrad Learning Commons

Usually called “Clough” (pronounced: CLUFF) or CULC, this large building contains the offices for the Center for Teaching and Learning, Information Technology, classrooms, study spaces and most importantly, Starbucks.  Despite its name, it is used by many graduate students who need a quiet space to meet or study

Graduate Student Community at Crosland Tower

This newly constructed space has intentional quiet spaces for study with amazing views of the city, meeting rooms, lockers and a beautiful rooftop patio space.

Tech Tower

One of Tech’s most recognizable landmarks, Tech Tower houses the Registrar’s Office. The number of services they provide for students is immeasurable, from registration to graduation. Many of your administration forms will be turned in here.

Savant Building

The Savant building is located at the intersection of Cherry Street and Ferst Drive. Here you will find the Office of Graduate Studies, where you will turn in your final transcripts. The thesis office is also located here. You will visit this office to submit your thesis for format checks, as well as all thesis forms.

The Office of International Education  is also located here.  This is a resources for all things related to being an international student at Georgia Tech.

Stamps Health Center

Health Services covers immunizations, primary care, sports medicine and more.

Campus Recreational Center (CRC)

Here you will find fitness programs, aquatics and adventure trips.


DegreeWorks is an important tool for both Master’s student and graduate coordinator.  It lists all the courses you have registered for and tells the Registrar and your graduate coordinator if you have taken all the courses you need for graduation.

The Graduate Student Services Office (GSSO) typically applies these courses to your DegreeWorks record after you apply to graduate but feel free to ask us to apply your courses before that time. Bear in mind, if the courses fall outside of the pre-approved courses located here:, the GSSO will need approval from your faculty advisor. If you do not know who your advisor is, please ask the GSSO and we’ll be happy to help.

Campus News

Keep update on news and events on campus with the Daily Digest email list.

The Technique-Our student-run campus newspaper.  Look for issues every week, all over campus.

Office of Information Technology

Your GT email account is established 30 days before the start of classes.

Georgia Tech Police Department

Though Georgia Tech is a safe campus, we are situated in the middle of a metropolitan city. Students should always follow safety precautions, especially in the evening.

Travel with groups if possible but if you must travel alone, call the Stingerette, our safety shuttle available 6 pm until midnight each evening. Full service will resume after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Download the LiveSafe app to report a crime, or have the app help your friends and family, “follow you home”.

The Georgia Tech Police Department can be reached at 404-894-2500, or at 4-2500 from any land line on campus.


For housing options, visit the GT Housing website here:

There is also a Facebook group that can be very helpful when looking for a roommate.  Of course, please exercise caution:

Campus Transportation

As mentioned earlier, the Mason building is between two MARTA stations.  Through the Parking and Transportation office, you can buy a monthly pass for a significant discount.

Stinger: On campus, we have our own buses, called Stingers, which run on three lines: the red, the blue and the green.  These can take you anywhere on campus. They are free of charge.

Tech Trolley:  The Trolley is a great option for getting to Tech Square and Midtown MARTA Station.

Download the Passio Go! App to track the location and arrival times of the Stingers and Trolley.

Stingerette: As mentioned above, the Stingerette is available for pickups in the evening to ensure your safety.

Parking Pass: If you decide to drive to campus, you will likely want to obtain a parking permit.  The lot closest to Mason is W21. The lots closest to ES&T (Environmental Engineering) are W22 and W23.

You can find routes, schedules and parking zones on the Parking and Transportation website.

Other Transportation Options:

More and more, Atlanta is becoming a bicycle friendly city, especially on our campus. You can usually find a safe place to park your bike (but please use a bicycle lock). More information and guidance can be found here:

In our area, there are motorized scooters to rent and many spots on campus are easy to walk to.