Congratulations on your assistantship!

Plan to attend Dr. Lauren Stewart’s GRA Orientation Lunch on January 5th at 11:30am in Mason 3132.

Enroll in the Canvas course called GTHR Student Onboarding.

Please take a moment to review the Georgia Tech policy regarding Graduate Research Assistants and Graduate Teaching Assistants

  • Each semester you must enroll in 21 credit hours (16 hours in Summer).
  • Students are expected to supplement their coursework with CEE 7000 (for MS students) or CEE 9000 (for PhD Students)
  • Non-thesis GRA/GTAs should supplement their hours with CEE 8902. Please note: CEE 8902 cannnot be counted towards your degree.

Read more in the CEE Graduate Student Handbook.

As a GRA, you are required to enroll in the Student Health Care plan twice a year (Fall and Spring/Summer).  You will pay a discounted rate which can be found here:

More information can be found on the Health Services website.

Your monthly stipend is managed by the CEE Business Office. You can find them in MASON 1228.
As a GRA/GTA, you will receive a waiver of your tuition.  Your waiver is applied by the GSSO office, located in MASON 1220.  Your waiver will appear in your Bursar account after you have registered for at least 12 hours. (The system may take an hour or two to update)

Be sure to register for 21 hours before the close of registration or you risk losing your tuition waiver. And without payment, the Bursar will cancel your schedule.

New GRA/GTA hires should view and complete the following checklists:
Student Hiring Checklist for US Citizens or Green Card Holders
Student Hiring Checklist for International Students