Looking for Judges for Middle School Competition

TheĀ  Team Engineering Challenge contest at SkillsUSA Nationals will be taking place in Atlanta. We are looking for a judge for late morning and afternoon of Thursday, June 23rd as a judging window. Any Georgia Tech Engineering Student can reach out if they would like to become a judge.

The contact has groups of three middle school students presented with a challenge, and then they have to “purchase” materials that they want to use to come up with a solution.

We already have a few industry judges, but are hoping to find one or two more!!

What you will do as a judge!

The judges will be watching the students test what they build, and then interviewing the students to ask a bit about the engineering process that they went through, what went well, what they struggled with, and things like that. Someone that is going to be able to differentiate between the various teams for the middle schoolers.



Alan J. Mamerow

Applied Engineering and Technology Education
TeacherSkillsUSA and Supermileage Advisor
Phone: (262) 246-6471 X1762
Email: mameal@hamilton.k12.wi.us