Registration Help

Important Dates: 

Phase II Registration:  January 6th -January 14th at 4pm. Do not wait until the last minute. FYI, after 4pm, you cannot change to Audit mode!

First Day of Class: January 10th

Last Day to Apply to Graduate: January 14th (here’s how:

Enrollment Waiver Thesis Deadline: January 14th

Payment Deadline: January 18th

GRAs and International Students: Make sure you are registered full time to maintain your status or employment.

GRAs, make sure you register for 21 hours. Register for however many courses you and your advisor agree upon, then fill up your schedule with thesis hours.

Will this course count towards my degree? 

Visit the GSSO Blog site here:  View the page for your specialization. Any courses that are not on those lists must be approved by your faculty advisor. If you don’t know who your faculty advisor is, feel free to ask me.


Courses not applying in DegreeWorks? Many courses do not automatically apply and must be manually applied.  You can send me an email AFTER you completely register, and I will apply them. Refer to the GSSO blogsite to make sure your courses will apply.


  • If you want to register for a restricted course, send an email here with your GTID and the CRN: Copy your advisor if this is for 8900, 8902, 8956,7000 or 9000.
  • Want to register for CEE 6754 Engineering Communication?  Email Lisa Rosenstein directly:
  • Want to register for a course outside of CEE and but there is a restriction?  The Registrar has a list of contacts so you can request a permit:
  • You cannot register for CS/CSE courses until Monday, January 10th

Grade Modes:

Classes may be offered Letter Grade, Pass/Fail or Audit mode. You will see these options in OSCAR  under “Grade Basis”  A=Audit; L=Letter; P=Pass/Fail. If the option is not there, it is not offered.

January 14th is the last day to change to Audit Mode. The deadline to change from Letter to Pass/Fail and vice versa is March 18th.


Sexual Assault Prevention Hold? You must complete the modules here: you must complete the Sexual Assault Prevention modules.  Please reach out to Health Initiatives so they can give you access. The email address is on this page:


Other holds? They can only be cleared by the department who put them on but please let me know so I can help!


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me!  Every question you ask helps me to create better resources for all CEE grad students!