Advanced Energy & Environmental Policy Course PUBP 8840

Advanced Energy & Env Pol 2022


A message from Dan Matisoff, Public Policy:

I’m teaching a refreshed version of Advanced Energy & Environmental policy (PUBP 8840). It will be a small, focused, doctoral seminar covering applied energy & environmental social sciences. We will read some literature reviews, but mostly will focus on the last 2 years of energy and environment related publications in American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Public Policy Analysis & Management, Management Science, Academy of Management Journal, Policy Studies Journal, American Journal of Sociology, etc…  we will also use the Handbook of US Environmental Policy to give folks a bit of a background in environmental policy scholarship.The course is only taught once ever two years, and there’s focus in helping doctoral students formulate research questions and develop a chapter of their dissertations.If anyone has any doctoral students who might be appropriate for this course, please send them my way!!Please see the attached reading list (we probably won’t read all of it) and syllabus.Should students want to take the course, they should send their student ID to Michael Terrell <>.