In Fall 2024   Dr. Francesco Fedele and  professional artist Darya Fard will teach the CEE 8824 Special topics course “ARTS & GEOMETRY”

The syllabus is in attachment and a brief course description is given below. Send an email to Dr. Fedele  (fedele@gatech.edu) if you are interested in taking the course or if you have questions.


We will introduce students to the geometry of space and manifolds and how these concepts influenced modern arts and sciences, i.e. Cubism and Einstein’s relativity. The realization of geometry is visualization. The course is integrated with weekly lab sessions taught by an Atlanta-based professional artist, who will teach students fundamentals of several art mediums:  pencil and charcoal drawing, oil painting, photography, printmaking, brainwave art using EEG technology and generative AI Art.  Students will draw/sketch by hand to stimulate/enhance their visual memory, imagination, and practice abstraction of geometric concepts. Special focus is put on both exact representation (Renaissance art) and geometric abstraction (cubism, modern Art). Students’ artwork will be exhibited in the Georgia Tech Ferst Center of the Arts. 

An article on theConversation about the course



Fall 2018 “Like Picasso and EInstein” magazine

Fall2019 “Forms and Expression” magazine 

Fall 2019 Students art Exhibit  (YOUTUBE video)

Form and Expression: Artistic lines from Analytical minds

Fall 2021 Students art Exhibit  (YOUTUBE video)

BRAIN ART:   “Mind Melody” performance. The music is produced by our own brainwaves measured by EEG headbands.  Is the sound of making an equation different than the sound of making a painting? Do scientists create and think as artists do ? Do artists create and think as scientists do ? These are some of the questions we would like to answer.


The full-length video  (~21 min) of our brain art performance is available in YOUTUBE here