GT- US Department of State Diplomacy Lab project bids for Spring 2024 are now open until October 17

The objective of Diplomacy Lab projects is to get students and faculty working on projects with Department of State people. UG, G, and mixed teams (UG/G) can work with faculty in classes or special problems, etc. on Department of State-defined problems.  This is a great experience for students and faculty alike.  You get to work anyway you like.  They can be all semester or shorter-term projects.  There may even be a Diplomacy Lab Fair at the Department of State in Washington, DC.  The list of projects for Spring 2024 is attached. 

Information on the program can also be found on the GT diplomacy lab website The following link answers FAQ about involvement:

Bids are due no later than October 17 at 5 pm.   They should be submitted through the GT Diplomacy website  

GT can submit for up to six projects.  We have always been able to get the projects for which we bid.