Fehr & Peers Career Insights Office Hours

Career Insights Office Hours is an unfiltered hour for students to connect with transportation professionals at Fehr & Peers to ask questions about transportation, whether about project work or career paths. There will be 3 topic groups that students can jump between: Transportation Engineering, Planning & Visual Communications, and Career Exploration. All students, no matter their experience or knowledge of transportation, are encouraged to join us. Students can ask about:

  • Career related questions (what the career path is like, how to get a job)
  • Class projects or research ideas
  • Professional growth advice
  • Different types of transportation projects

Transportation Engineering

Engineering is the part of a project where it comes to life. Engineers put detailed designs together that make the project’s conceptual designs possible. They work closely with planners, or do planning work themselves, to understand the needs of the community, the client, and the project. There are a variety of specialties that an engineer can pursue, including a generalist career path where they work on a wide range of projects.

Planning & Visual Communications

Planning takes many shapes and forms and covers a wide range of projects and career paths. But every project requires thoughtfully communicating information in a way that stakeholders can understand. Planners who specialize in visual communications process data, distill key findings, craft strategic messaging, and develop visual tools to resonate with intended audiences. Humanizing transportation in this manner takes projects from complicated to understandable and accessible for everyone.

Career Exploration

Career paths in the transportation field can go in many different directions and offer a variety of specialty areas. Many people find overlaps in their other interests, like climate change, equity, and public health. And there are many ways to get into the transportation field. If you’ve never heard about career options in transportation and you’re curious to learn more or you know exactly what you want to pursue, this discussion is for you!


Bring all your questions and join us!

You can visit us HERE to learn more about Career Insights, watch recordings of previous webinars, sign up to hear about future events, and learn about career opportunities at Fehr & Peers.