Research Scholarship Opportunity for Masters/PhD students

At RDH, we are passionate about Making Buildings Better. As industry leaders, we strive to keep our pulse on new research and emerging technologies, and we actively invest in the next generation of building science enthusiasts. (RDH was also a proud sponsor of this year’s Solar Decathlon event!)

Our Research Scholarship offers $2,000 per student per year with possible renewals to support them in their research project. A distinctive feature about this scholarship is the opportunity to be paired with an experienced RDH-er, who is available to help support students’ research through reviews, answering questions, recommending resources, and more. This connection with a building science professional provides access to deep technical expertise as well as real-life, practical insight that can help to further advance the student’s research and connection with industry.

If you know a full-time Masters or Doctorate student seeking to Make Buildings Better, would you take a moment to pass this opportunity on to them?

 Applications are due May 31. For more information, visit our RDH Research Scholarship website.

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