Call for PhD Applications
The Smart Built-Environment Eco-System (Smart Bees) Lab at Georgia Tech currently has 4
open positions for highly qualified PhD Applicants.

Required Qualifications:
1) An Undergraduate Degree in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Building Construction, or
related engineering fields
2) A Master Degree
3) Excellent communication & writing skills, creative, independent thinker, team player
4) Hands-on Building Information Modeling Skills (3D, 4D, 5D)
5) Specialized knowledge in the position of interest:
o Position 1: In-depth understanding of various project delivery and contract types.
o Position 2: In-depth knowledge of scheduling, project control, and optimization models
for Flash Tracking.
o Position 3: In-depth knowledge of pre-fabrication, modularization, architectural design
skills, and supply chain management.
o Position 4: Blockchain, smart contract, and Digital Twin
Additional Preferred Qualifications:
1) Scholarly peer-reviewed publications (journal publication is preferred) or Thesis
2) Computer programming
3) Data analytics
4) LEED certification
5) Industry experience
Deadline & Submission
If interested in applying please contact the Smart Bees Lab Director: Dr. Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi
( ) and submit your PhD Applications by:
 Deadline for International applicants on April 1
 Late Deadline for U.S. Applicants on May 1

2022 Smart Bees Lab- Open position