2022 Campus Climate Survey Seeks Feedback on Lived Experiences at Georgia Tech

Make your voice heard!

Beginning March 14, Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the Office of Academic Effectiveness will invite students, faculty, and staff to participate in the Campus Climate Survey, which is designed to gauge the Institute’s progress on building an inclusive community where everyone feels respected and valued.

“As the first Campus Climate Survey administered under our 2020-2030 Institute Strategic Plan, this is the perfect opportunity to engage with the campus community to see if we’re meeting the equity and inclusion goals we’ve prioritized as an Institute over the next ten years,” said vice president of Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Archie W. Ervin, Ph.D.

The findings from the 2022 survey will be analyzed and compared to the results from the Campus Climate Surveys administered in 2013 and 2017-2018, which provide longitudinal context for understanding and interpreting our progress.

“The results of this survey will establish baseline data that will help us to benchmark our progress in the coming years,” said Ervin. “The previous surveys have been instrumental in allowing us to understand our successes and challenges in meeting our commitments to create a more inclusive campus experience.”

Students, faculty, and staff will receive an email that includes a unique link to the survey. The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete, and responses will be kept anonymous. Participants can also choose to be entered into a drawing to win various prizes.

“Understanding the lived experiences of students, faculty, and staff is critical to our success in achieving our aspirations for Georgia Tech. It’s important that everyone’s voice is heard so that we can become a model community of inclusive excellence,” Ervin said.

For questions about the survey, contact the Georgia Tech Office of Academic Effectiveness at oae@gatech.edu.

To learn more about the Campus Climate Survey, visit diversity.gatech.edu/ccs.