CEE Caregiver’s Club Meetings

Are you the primary care giver for your child as well as a grad student?  Like all parents, juggling parenting with the rest of your life can be rough. For grad students, it can be even harder. You have to navigate your work, your courses, relationships with advisors, other students, and maybe try to get in a little fun for yourself!  You are not alone.  

Primary care-givers, please join GSAC’s Caregiver Club Alex Maxim, Katie Evans and several other parents (and expectant parents) in CEE as they discuss struggles, successes and just share laughter and fellowship.  All genders are welcome!
Gathering will occur on the third Thursday of the month, starting on February 17th, Thursday at 4pm, virtual: https://bluejeans.com/145475465/1649
For questions, please feel free to email Alex Maxim (amaxim3@gatech.edu) or Katie Evans (kevans70@gatech.edu). If you would like to partake but cannot make the time, please let us know, we are flexible.