DZL Fellowship – Internal deadline 12 noon Wednesday January 12, 2022

Please reference the information below as well as the attached documents for the 2022 – 23 Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fellowship opportunity, which is open to all majors. Please share this announcement with your graduate students and faculty as appropriate. Internal Georgia Tech application packets are due to myself by 12pm Wednesday January 12, 2022.

The amount of the fellowship will cover the cost of tuition only (no mandatory student fees) and a stipend to be allocated towards living expenses and income taxes. The sponsor has set the stipend at $18,000 for the year.

  • Candidates must be U.S. citizens and must demonstrate financial need.
  • Application packets should be emailed as a single PDF attachment named “STUDENT LAST NAME, Student First Name_DZL_22.23”
  • Transcripts or letters of recommendation may be emailed to me separately.
  • The single PDF attachment should begin with the Application checklist, and appear in the order of the checklist.

Please note that, due to COVID, the application materials are accepted via email but some of the attached forms are still written as though everything must be printed.

Applications for a maximum of three students from Georgia Tech may be submitted for the Liebmann Fellowship. Georgia Tech applicants will be selected by way of an internal VPGEFD review process. The external deadline is  January 21, 2022.

DZL Conditions 2022-2023

DZL Printed Application 2022-2023

DZL Application checklist for Student 2022-2023