Art Exhibit “Expressions of Analytical Minds” & Brain Art ‘Primordial Harmony’

We are glad to announce that the Art exhibit “Expressions of Analytical Minds” will be held in the School of CEE, Mason Building, on Dec 9, 5-8 pm.
The artwork created by the GT students of the Special Topics course “Arts and Geometry” will be shown. You can learn more about our course here: Fedele & Grant (2021) Forms and Expression
We will also have the special participation of several International students from the Colombian Universidad del Valle and the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia. They have attended our course and made artwork within the ROBOTARTS initiative supported by a Denning Global Engagement Seed Fund Award (PIs: Rimoli, Fedele, Vela, Rodriguez).
  • 5:00-pm – Opening Reception
  • 6:00-pm – Artist Talks
  • 7:00-pm – Brainwaves in Music: Contemporary Trends by Mike Winters, Brain-Computer Interface Group, Microsoft Research.
  • 7:20 pm –  ‘Primordial Harmony‘ Brain Art performance by Francesco Fedele, Rachel Grant, Dennis Frank and Mike Winters.
We will have the special guest Dr. Mike Winters, Ph.D., from the Brain-Computer Interface Group at Microsoft Research. He will introduce the Brain Art Performance at 7:20 pm and will talk about Brainwaves in Music and the educational use of Electroencephalography (EEG) technology in the classroom.