Construction and Infrastructure Systems Engineering

Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Georgia Tech and CEE policy can be complicated but you should always refer to the CEE Handbook and the Georgia Tech Catalog.

  • 21 credits must be at 6000 level or above.
  • A maximum of 9 credits of 4000 level classes can count towards your MS degree.
  • A maximum of 3 credits of Pass/Fail courses can count towards your MS degree (does not include thesis credits).

Pathway: Infrastructure Systems Engineering (ISE) Updated Aug 20, 2022

MAJOR COURSES (Specialization Courses)                                       

CEE 6110              Computer Applications for Construction                               

CEE 6345              Sustainable Engineering                                                     

CEE 6355              Industrial Ecology in Environmental Engineering                

CEE 6531              Introduction to Remote Sensing                                               

CEE 6540              Engineering Risk Analysis                                                             

CEE 6651              Infrastructure Systems                                                                       

CEE 6652              Infrastructure Management: IT Applications                                      

CEE 8813             Advanced GIS for Smart Cities                                                    

CEE 8813              Entrepreneurship & Innovation in CEE                                    

CEE 8813             Infrastructure, Megacities, and Sustainability                      

CEE 8813              Data Analytics for CEE Systems                                                 

CEE 8813              Data Analytics for Transportation Safety                                 

CEE 8813             Sustainable Buildings                                                                     

**Undergraduate Courses (counted towards hours in major)

CEE 4050              Infrastructure Systems Management                                     

CEE 4160              Smart and Sustainable Cities                                                                      

CEE 4540              Infrastructure Rehabilitation                                                      

CEE 4620             Environmental Impact Assessment                                         

CEE 4803              AI for Smart Cities                                                                           

CEE 4803              Infrastructure Finance                                                                                  

Thesis and Research Courses

CEE 7000              Masters Thesis (Section per advisor)                                       

CEE 8956             Masters Special Research Problem                                          

***APPROVED ELECTIVES (Not counted towards hours in major)

CEE 6130              Construction Project Controls (Prof. Marks)                              

CEE 6140              Advanced Planning Estimating Methods (Prof. Marks)          

CEE 6150              Construction Law (TBA)                                                                  

CEE 6601             Statistics in Transportation                                                                         

CEE 6621             GIS in Transportation                                                                                     

CEE 6754             Engineering Communications                                                                    

CEE 8813             Construction Industry Best Practices (Prof. Cho)                     

CEE 8813             Automation in Construction (Prof. Cho)                                     

CEE 8813              Safety Engineering (Prof. Marks)                                                    

ARCH 6241          Building Simulation Design Practices                                                       

ARCH 6241          Building Simulation Design Practices                                       

ARCH 6426          3D Modeling Revit (hands-on)                                                   

ARCH 8833       Building Systems and Data                                                                          

COA 8690            Building Product Models: Dsgn./Eng. Interoperability                     

CP 6233                Sustainable Urban Development                                                                              

ISYE 6203             Transportation & Supply Chain Systems                                                                

MGT 6000            Financial and Managerial Accounting I                                                                   

MGT 8803            Business Fundamentals for Analytics                                    

PHIL 6000             Responsible Conduct of Research                                            

Undergraduate Requirements

It is expected that in your undergraduate program you have taken the equivalent of the following engineering courses.  If you have not taken such courses, you are required to do so.  Credit for the following courses will not be counted toward your Master’s Degree requirements. 

  1. CEE 3770 (3) – Statistics and Applications
  2. CEE 3000 (3) – Civil Engineering Systems


  • Greater than 6 credits are not counted toward the required total degree hours (30).
  • ** These course options are for MS students not for BS/MS students who took the courses in their BS study.  BS/MS students can get credits towards major when these courses are taken at the MS level (i.e., it is acceptable as long as the courses are not counted toward their BS study).
  • *** The availability of approved elective courses to CEE students is subject to the discretion of the college/school/ department offering the course.

  • CEE 8900 should be considered an “independent study,” with a semester-long focus on course content or a topic.  Examples could be replicating course content from a course that is not offered this semester, delivery of a custom-designed course offering, or other similar arrangements.  It can be taken as a letter grade.
  • CEE 8902 should ONLY be used for non-thesis GRAs or GTAs.  It cannot count toward a CEE degree.
  • CEE 8956 should be used for research-based credits for MS non-thesis students.  It should be considered similar to CEE 7000.  All sections are now pass-fail.
  • A maximum of three pass-fail credits can count toward the MS degree, not counting CEE 7000.