PhD Applicant Mentorship Program (PhAM)

The PhD Applicant Mentorship Program (PhaM) was developed by Alex Muscalus, PhD candidate in OSE, that  connects the grad student community with undergrad students interested in pursuing graduate school. Through open workshops and one-on-one mentoring, the grad student mentors teach undergrads about graduate programs and guide them through the application and selection process. This helps mentees  pursue their next steps more confidently while building a bridge between the CEE undergrad and grad student communities.

PhaM open workshops cover the following topics and more:

Is Graduate School Right For Me?  Master’s or PhD?

Researching Programs and Reaching out to Graduate Schools

Evaluating Offers and Selecting a Program

How to I apply to Grad School?

What is it Like to be a Grad Student? 

To get involved with PhaM either as a mentor or mentee, please contact Rachael Panik or Raghav Dangayach