Graduate Student Journey

If you are familiar with stories like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and The Matrix, then you have seen Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey in action.  Here’s a simple graphic to demonstrate:

In this narrative structure, Dr. Taylor could easily see some parallels to his own experience as a graduate student.  So he created the Graduate Student Journey, a new workshop series to create a more enriching environment for our graduate students.  Past and future workshops include Health and Safety, Meditation and Mindfulness, the Advisor/Advisee Relationship, Writing Assistance, etc.  It is the hope of Dr. Taylor and the Graduate Student Services Office, that we can be those “Helpers” to make your journey through our program successful and supportive.

Below are a few examples of past workshops. If you have suggestions for future Graduate Student Journey topics, please email us at or fill out this survey: Graduate Student Journey Survey

February 7, 2020: Personal Safety with GTPD
Guest: Officer Jessica Howard, GTPD

February 7, 2020: Mindfulness and Positive Mental Health with GT Counseling Center
Guest: Dr. Janice Harewood, GT Counseling Center

March 6, 2020: Alumni Career Pathways
Guests: Dr. Susan Burns, CEE Professor
Jacob Tzegaegbe, Senior Transporation Policy Advisor, City of Atlanta
Barbara Sloan, Principal Cambridge Systematics

August 10, 2020: Thriving in a Diverse Multicultural Environment
Dean Stephanie Ray

November 13, 2020: Holiday Cooking Under Quarantine
Leah Roper-Nutritionist, GT Health Initiatives
Amber Johnson, Nutritionist, GT Health Initiatives

January 8, 2021: Thriving in a Virtual Learning Environment
Dr. Randall Guensler
Yinping Liang, Grad Student
Yvonne McKinnon, Academic Advisor, GTPE

February 5, 2021:  The Importance of Movement
Guests: Dan Hazlett and other CRC Staff/Affiliates

March 4, 2021: Alumni Career Panel
Margaret-Avis Akofio-Sowah, PhD
Joe Brejda, BS
Randall Pettyjohn, MS

April 2, 2021: Preventing Sexual Violence
Guest: Jennifer Gagen, GT VOICE